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Where is Nepal

Where is Nepal The Himalaya kingdom of Nepal officially name Democratic Republic of Nepal is located in South Asia between two large countries India and China. It lies between latitudes 26° and 31°N, and longitudes 80° and 89°E having an area of 147,181 km square (56,827 sq mi). It is 800km(497m) long and 200km (124m) wide. Population of Nepal is approximately 30 million and ha democratic multiparty political system. The country mainly depends on agriculture and recently Tourism has become good income source of the country. Summer, monsoon, autumn, winter and spring are the main seasons of Nepal.

Nepal is the sacred land as it is the birth place of Lord Buddha and country of holy Hindu temple, Pashupatinath. The capital city is the Kathmandu also known as city of temples is completely rich for its Newa (ethnic living community of Kathmandu city) cultural and tradition and perfect place to explore traditional artistic beauty.

Nepal is home to eight among ten highest mountains in the world including crown Mount Everest (8848m/ 29,029ft.). Moreover, you can find the unique ethnic cultural and tradition untouched by the modernity and the diverse geographical features. It is the land of lakes including world’s highest lake Tilicho (4,919m/16,138ft.) and popular as the second richest country in water recourse.

The country of legend Tenzing Norgey Sherpa (first person to climb Mt. Everest with Sir Edmund Hilary) is also popular for yaks and yetis, stupas and Sherpas and some of the best trekking routes on earth. Nepal is the perfect destination for tourist who comes here for Trekking and adventurous holiday.