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Trekking Season in Nepal

Trekking Seasons:
Trekking is possible at any time of the year depending on where you are going. Generally speaking, the best months to trek are October-November (post-monsoon) and April-May (pre-monsoon). It is possible to trek throughout the year but trekkers must be aware that bad/ freak weather can strike in any season. Below are details of trekking conditions throughout the year:

Autumn (Sept-Nov)
Autumn is normally dry, stable and offers excellent climate, amazing mountain views and the weather is perfect. Temperatures are usually moderate during this period making it a good time for any trek. It can be cold at night higher up, but not as cold as the winter months (December-January). At low elevations it may still be hot during the day. Autumn is the most popular time for trekking so doesn’t expect solitude on the more popular routes. The Nepalese most important festivals (Dashain and Tihar) are marked during this season.

Winter (Dec-Feb)
This season is noted for occasional snowfall only at higher elevations. So, it’s ideal for trekking at lower altitude, generally below 3200m. Winter is very cold above 4,000 m and high mountain passes may be snowbound. The high-altitude treks require good gear and experience in cold-weather conditions as temperatures at 5000m can drop below -20°C and heavy snow can fall.

Spring (Mar-May)
The temperature is quite moderate in this season. Varieties of wild flowers, especially the rhododendrons are in complete blossom. It is mildly warm at lower elevations and at higher elevation, over 4000m, the Mountain View are excellent while the temperature is quite moderate.

Summer (June-Aug)
This is the favorite season to trek in the rain shadow areas like Upper Mustang, Dolpo and Kailash. This season is also recommended for forest researchers and botanist. . It is recommended to carry Raincoats and insect repellents when trekking during these summer months. During the monsoon season (June-August), you can trek in the rain-shadow areas north of the Himalayan like Mustang and Dolpo. These places are out of reach of the rain clouds because of the high mountains and are unaffected by the monsoon.