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Rafting in Nepal

White water rafting is a popular water adventure sport in Nepal, all major rivers created from the Himalayas and running down to the Mountains offers tremendous exciting experience of white water rafting. A river journey is one of the most enjoyable and scenery of nature\'s beauty.

A river-trip is one of the best ways to explore the typical cross-section of the country\'s natural as well as the ethno-cultural heritage with massive does of adrenaline buzz on our world caliber white-water thrills.

Cannoning gives you the freedom to explore some of the most ruggedly beautiful, yet forbidden place in the world. Option ranges from paddle rafting a team to Kayaking alone in the water. Yet another extremely popular water-sport option is cannoning to explore hidden landscapes. The best time for these activities is October through mid-December and March through early May. The government has opened 16 rivers graded on a scale of 1 to 5 for commercial rafting. Since safety is of utmost importance choosing veteran rafting company is a wise move. It is also important to observe all the safety rules and precautions provided by the River Guide.

The pleasure of white-water rafting on the torrentially gushing waters of the Trishuli, Sunkoshi, Kaliigandaki and Arun rvers offers an unforgettable experience. As rapids of varying intensity, a rafter of any degree of daring and rafting knack finds the Nepalese rivers ideal for both pleasure and adventure rafting. In addition, the two main trekking seasons are also the best times to experience a rafting trip due to the river water flows being at a safe level.

Rivers are graded on a scale of one to six, with one being a swimming pool and six a one-way ticket to your maker. Four is considered to be quite challenging without being exceedingly dangerous to the novice rafter. Five requires some previous river experience. Here are some of the popular rafting trips: